Gambling addiction counselling courses

Gambling addiction counselling courses casino meridan ms

I understand that if for any reason I am unable to complete a course programme within the outlined study period I would have to apply for monthly extensions to continue otherwise I will lose the course.

Access to friendly online support is available 9am to 5pm week days for the complete duration of your course study period. There are NO addictjon requirements. Our gambling addiction counselling courses to you We will get cousnelling there — to the end of your course no matter what it takes. I also agree to respect the copyright in the course and not to allow any other person to read or use the course or any portion of it in any way whatsoever. You will develop a full understanding of gambling addiction and its resultant dependency and learn how to help your clients overcome their addiction to gamble and change their behaviour to a casinos play money positive lifestyle.

Course Content This course is made up of two modules: Module 1: Introduction to Gambling Addiction Counselling Lesson 1 – Gambling and Addictions. Gambling Counselling Course UK Diploma Awarded Courses, Gambling Counsellor Training, Problem Gambling Training for Counsellors. Problem gambling services provided by NATI include online youth gambling prevention programs, clinical training, senior gambling programs and responsible.


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